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Готовое домашнее задание №22-22 по учебнику Учебник английского языка для 9 классов. Student*s book. В.П. Кузовлев

ГДЗ для 9 класса по английскому, учебник Учебник английского языка для 9 классов. Student*s book. В.П. Кузовлев

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2. О каких книги вы можсгс скаыть следующее Ничему

About some books of classic literature I may say .. I can read il twice. Its the real thing. I feci a real pleasure to read them. I can learn more about life.

Detective stories 1 cant put down until Im finished. Its exiting and moves quickly. There is a lot of action. I can read ihcm for hours. I forget about all my problems.

The War and Peace by Tolstoy is a great book and I can recommend it to anyone. Its the book about the history of our country. We should know it. Its also interesting to know about people life before, about their feelings.

I find 12 Chairs by Iljf and Pclrov an enjoyable book to read because it makes me feel good. It is the son of book I like. It is a very clever book with a lot of humour.

I would give the books by Ioanna Khmelevskaya for stars for humour and five for fantasy. The are very interesting detective stories with unusual story lines and its a real fun to read them.

Detective stories by Korctskiy are big thrill. 1 find the books wonderful in every way.

It tells about our everyday life, about crimes and about characters. who conduct investigations.

I dont usually like poetry but I really enjoyed Yevgeni Oncgin. Its a poetical novel and one of the best thing by Pushkin. You can read it very easy. These poems arc like music.

I found most of the stories by Agatha Christie very enjoyable and the best thing about her book was that it never got boring. They arc very interesting because you dont know who committed the crime till the lait page of the book.

I like the book by Sheldon The Stars Shine down. The book is lotally brilliant. Its a love story with good and bad characters and a

happy end.

I cant read modem novels. What rubbish! I don understand them. Once tried to read a hook on economy. What a bore! I couldnt read it. II was so annoying.

Many modern books which tell you how to improve your health arc big load of nothing. You could hardly follow their advises.

I dont like to read science fiction. Boring rubbish! The whole lot of it. Its very dull.

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